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DIHE Future Plans

DIHE Future Plans

The ‘demand’ for quality education is rapidly increasing with the increase of youth bulge in Pakistan. In line with this, DIHE is strategically aligning its core development and future activities in accordance with the growing need of quality education. DIHE is relentless in expanding this plan and will continue it contribution and commitment towards personal, professional, social, and career development of the students. In coming years, DIHE aims to integrate technology into to learning which will produce truly versatile, well trained, competent and responsible graduates for the future job market.

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The strategic approach for creating of Dadabhoy university is to gradually move our academic activities from the current campus to the new campus at Hawksbay karachi beach side. The current campus will be turned in our city campus and the mural studies department will continue focusing to reach out to executive students and conducting enrichment programs. Dadabhoy university will continue to work on its vision and mission.The campus master plan is conceived to propel the university's rise to the top of Pakistan and will continue to become the 100 ranking universities in the world.
The new campus is designed to have a capacity of over 25,000 students and the various faculties are integrated into a master plan that has been designed to comfortably accommodate the students. Each block is positioned to interact with another to form a dialectic whole. A series of link ways forming spinal distributors are used to link the campus together.
The campus masterplan incorporates a comprehensive landscape strategy in order to create a lush campus environment in the midst of harsh surroundings. The requirements of a workable university campus are designed into the master plan with special emphasis of providing functional and usable spaces. Major activity centers and students usage nodes are strategically placed at selective places.

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