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Registration & Enrolment


  • Each applicant, if admitted for studies at DIHE, will be issued admission letter by the office of the Registrar. On receipt of the letter of admission, the applicant is required to pay semester fee by the date specified. Failure to do so will automatically result in the cancellation of admission.
  • Registration is carried out by the Admissions Office only after the admitted student has cleared all dues, certified by the Accounts Office.
  • A registered student will be issued a registration card carrying student’s registration number. The same registration number will be valid in all subsequent semesters.


  • Only those students, who are registered and have received the admission letter, will be eligible for enrollment in the courses offered during the semester.
  • Student are required to fill in the enrollment forms available at Online Portal. (
  • A list of courses exempted (only if applicable) against the list of corresponding courses, signed by the student and the Head of the respective department, along with transcript of the previous institute, must be placed in student’s personal file. The Institute reserves the right to get the transcript verified from the respective institute.
  • The list of registered and enrolled students will be notified by the Admission Office under intimation to the Registrar Office.
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