Advisor to Chairman

M.H.Qazi (Late)

The students in Karachi and elsewhere will be pleased to know that Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education has taken a quantum leap in its academic programs it has been elevated as category W (A) Institution by the higher education commission. Taking cognizance of the rapid advances in science and technology, the institution has updated its teaching- learning process through the addition of highly qualified professionals in computer science, information technology, electronics, communication and various fields of business administration. It is satisfying that the institute is leader in offering the highly profitable degree, BS in process and financial engineering , a separate Executive Development centre with state-of-the –art facilities is an additional features of the business school.

I am glad the institute is carving out its path through introducing new teaching tools emphasizing upon interactive learning problem and solving. The major objective of the institute is to add value to the graduate students, equip them with appropriate tools in order to ensure the high rate of return after their employee ability in the market. It is satisfying to note that our teachers are covering extra mile in sharpening the creative ability of the students. This should enable them to introduce innovations in their places. Since the extensive use of electronic and print media is a vehicle for reshaping the mindset of our students, a course on media studies is being introduced for all students. The door of education is open for all. We invite the potential students to visit the institution and have discussion with the faculty. Further to attract bright meritorious students, Dadabhoy foundation has introduced 100 scholarships scheme to be awarded through a merit –based test held in July and December each year details for which are available on website . our motto is to built a civil society by social capital in congruence with human capital as we journey around our milestone will soon lead us to the establishment of a world class university in hawks bay.