Ahmed, Muzamil
Lecturer, Dept. of Business Administration

M.Phil (Management Sciences, in progress),
KASBIT University, PAK
MBA (Marketing), DIHE, PAK
Area of Research: Marketing & Skill Development

He has done MS/M.Phil. in Management Sciences from KASBIT. He has more than 10 years of teaching and administrative experience in different schools and institutes. He has been giving consultancy to various educational institutes. He has also been conducting workshops. He has also served at Skill Development Council as an instructor. He joined DIHE in the year 2014 as a lecturer and Program In charge (Business). Besides this he has also been serving other universities as Visiting Faculty in the area of Management Science since 2013. He has written around twenty-three mini case studies on Business Ethics that has been uploaded to academia.edu. He has been awarded top 1% of researchers on his work done. Students and researchers may download his work uploaded on academia.edu free of cost. His case studies are being downloaded and studied by a number of researchers till date from all over the world.