1.  General Rules & Regulations

  • Any person is eligible to register for a degree/diploma/certificate program provided that he/she.
  • Satisfies the requirements of entrance as specified in the eligibility criteria for each degree.
  • Transfers from  another  Institute/degree  awarding  institute recognized by Higher Education Commission (HEC).
  • Satisfies the requirements of qualifications specified for the program.
All applications for admission should be submitted through online, form available at DIHE website.
Applications for admission are received in Fall and Spring Semesters in response to announcements made by the Institute mainly through the print media or other modes of mass communication, including social media.
All applicants with eligible credentials are required to appear in DIHE admission test. Merit is determined on the basis of marks scored in the (i) Admission test (50%), (ii) previous academic record (40%) and (iii)Interview (10%). To qualify in all 3 heads is mandatory. When one is called for interview means one has qualified. in session i and ii but in case does not qualify in interview he/she will not be eligible for admission.
Any person who has qualified for admission for an academic program must sign a statement on legal bond ensuring that he/ she will comply with all applicable statutes, rules and regulation ensuring by DIHE from time to time and will refrain from all kind of political activities.
Fee Structure and Payment
  1. All students are required to pay the following fees at the time of Admission:
    • Admission fee (One Time Payment)
    • Admission Processing fee (One Time Payment)
    • Examination fee
    • Resource fee
    • Tuition / Course fee
    • Transcript & Degree Fee
  2. All above may be increased with rate of 10% annually without any intimation. Students who are dropped out between the semester or in between the academic period of degree program will be charged a penalty of amount not exceeding 100,000 in lieu of wasting a seat.
Financial Assistance
  • Students may be granted Merit and/or Need based Scholarship up to a maximum of 30% of tuition fee of semester based programs
  • The percentage in each case is decided by the Means Testing Committee formed by the
Convocation, Degree and Transcript Fees
  • Convocation, degree & transcript fees is payable before the Comprehensive/ Viva Voce examination.
Non-Payment of Dues
  • A student will be declared as defaulter, if he/she fails to clear the dues by the prescribed date, each semester. Application submitted for installments or scholarship is not guaranty of approval, so do pay to avoid being a
  • Defaulters’ list will be posted on the notice board and circulated to the concerned departments.
  • If a defaulter fails to clear the dues within 3 days of notification, he/she will not be allowed to attend classes or appear in any
  • A fine or Rs.1000/- per day will be charged from the defaulter after the
  • Failure to clear the dues by the end of second week after the notification will result in de-registration of the
  • A student once de-registered can re-register during the same semester or in any subsequent semester on payment of re- registration fee of Rs. 5,000/- or decided as per notification and clearance of the pending dues.
  • In case of withdrawal from admission 100% fee will be refunded (Up to 7th day), 50% from (8th to 15th day) and no fee will be refunded after 16th day of commencement of classes.
Registration fee is not refundable.
  1. Any person who has been enrolled at another Institute in Pakistan or abroad, in an HEC recognized institution, may transfer for a degree or qualification with such credit or status as may be determined by the Academic Committee constituted for this purpose, provided that:
  • He/she passes the departmental qualifying examination
  • All previous certificates/degrees are duly verified by concern Boards / Universities / HEC
  • The Head of the Academic Committee signs the list of exempted courses
  • Registration

2.  Admission Policy / Rules & Regulations

Office of the Admission will issue advice for fee voucher (or pay order) for admission to every applicant found eligible for admission to DIHE. On receipt of the Admission Offer Letter, the applicant is required to pay all dues before the deadline and will be eligible for letter of provisional admission. Failure to do so will automatically result in cancellation of seat.


However, in circumstances beyond the control of the applicant, a grace period of up to one week may be allowed with a surcharge of Rs.1000/- per day, after the deadline, in case seat is vacant yet. This rule will be applicable in all subsequent semesters, across all programs of DIHE.
Provisional admission letter is carried out by the Admissions Office only after the admitted student has cleared all dues, certified by the Accounts Office.
A registered/admitted student will be issued a registration card carrying student’s registration number. The same registration number will be valid for all subsequent semesters.
  • Only those students, who are registered and have received the admission letter, will be eligible for enrolment in the courses offered during the semester.
  • All students are required to fill enrolment forms online, available at DIHE web portal. Students may seek advice of the HoD or program officer of the relevant department at the time of
  • A list of courses exempted (only if applicable) against the list of corresponding courses, signed by the student and the Head of the respective department, along with transcript issued by the previous institution, will be placed in student’s personal. The Institute reserves the right to get the transcript verified from the respective institution/HEC.
  • The list of registered students will be notified by the Admission Office under intimation to the Enrolment Department.
Merit Scholarships
  • Merit scholarships are announced each semester by Dadabhoy Merit Scholarships are awarded only on merit determined by Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). A separate application is to be submitted for availing the scholarship. Only those students who have good academic record are considered for scholarship.
  • Need Based Scholarships Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education follows a fee concession mandated by Dadabhoy Foundation for meritorious students with limited financial means. Fee Concession Form has to be submitted along with application form. The Means Testing Committee of the Institute determines the level of the fee concession which ranges from 15% to 30% of the tuition fee.
Adding/Dropping Courses and Semester Freeze
  • A student enrolled in a semester may be allowed by the head of the department to add or drop a This shall be permissible only up to one week after the start of a regular semester.
  • There will be no charge on the replacement of a course with another However, if a new course is added, the tuition fee accruing on account of the additional course shall be paid by the student.
  • If a student suspends his studies during a semester without seeking proper permission for freezing the semester, his registration will be cancelled and he/she will have to seek re-registration on payment of 5,000/or whatever is applicable at that time and any other amount which is already payable.
Procedure for freezing semester
  • Student willing to freeze semester must fill semester freeze Performa (physical/ online) with reason and evidence and submit to respective Dean’s office well before starting of semester (i.e. 15 days before).
  • Dean Faculty will forward the dully filled Performa with comments to Registrar
  • Registrar DIHE will submit summary to Rector DIHE for
DIHE Policy against Plagiarism
  • DIHE has a policy of zero tolerance for any level of plagiarism involved in writing research papers, theses and dissertations. Plagiarism is considered as a very serious offence, resulting in loss of credibility and integrity. Any student, faculty member or staff found involved in plagiarism will have to face disciplinary action suggested by DIHE anti plagiarism committee.
Semester Freeze Policy
  1. Following are the guidelines for uniform semester system freezing of semester policy for all faculties of DIHE with effect from spring 2021:
  • If a student freezes a semester(s), s/he will resume his/her studies from the same stage where he/she left (froze). No freezing during the semester will be The maximum duration of the degree program shall remain the same.
  • If a student is not enrolled in any course in a semester, s/he will not be considered a regular student of Institute in that The student may then enroll in these courses in a subsequent semester; however, he/she will have to meet pre-requisites of any course taken. In addition, it is understood that the
  • In special hardship cases, the Institute may develop any criteria for freezing a semester with the prior permission of the Rector. Medical certificate must be duly signed by the Institute Medical Officer.
  • The duration of Freezing is one year maximum once in total duration of degree program i.e. BS program total duration is four years in which student is allowed to avail semester freeze once for one year maximum only; a candidate who gets a semester freeze can get reregistration next year with upcoming session but hardship cases can be considered by the competent authority
  • Freezing of first two semesters for BS and first semester for MS is not
  • Under special *hardship circumstances freezing of first semester can be considered by the approval of competent authority.
    1. Iddat
    2. Maternity/Delivery
    3. Death in the immediate family
    4. Any other subject to acceptance on justified rationale
  • Note: Freezing of Semester will only be allowed after successful completion of 1st Semester as prerequisite as the case may be for other semester’s predecessor to the freezing Semester.