Chairman’s Message

The Dadabhoy Foundation established the Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education (DIHE) in the heart of Karachi with the goal of educating young people at an affordable cost. Since 2003 this institution has trained thousands of young men and women having decent jobs in the country and across the world. All this is due to the quality of education that we provide utilizing state of the art pedagogies. Thanks to highly capable world-class faculty that has fulfilled the vision of the foundation to equip youth with modern knowledge and necessary skills for being competitive in the contemporary global world. Some 9,000 graduates form our alumni.

The DIHE establishment is based on the vision “To be a center of excellence of international standard and repute and to produce leaders with outstanding qualities of creativity and innovation.” Our diligent pursuit has always remained aligned with the noble mission of the institute. All the academic functions and research activities are devised based on the prevalent rules and regulations promulgated by the Sindh Government Higher Education Department and the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Our Advisory Board of Governors include world-renowned scholar Professor Dr. Atta ur Rehman, UNESCO Science Laureate and Founding Chairman of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan;Lt Gen (R) Agha Muhammad Umer Farooq, HI(M) Former President, National Defense University of Pakistan and the current rector Professor Muhammad Mukhtar having the unique honor of serving the Vice Chancellor of three universities in Southern Punjab Pakistan with a distinguished recognition by the US government in the form of Outstanding Scientist. Besides these academic leaders, we also have a nominee from the Sindh Higher Court, Justice Syed H Rizvi, and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and education department Government of Sindh. Other honorable personalities serving on the board include Senator Haseeb Khan from the Chamber of Commerce, and three representatives from the Dadabhoy Foundation, Ms. Rabia Dadabhoy, Mr. Majyd Aziz and Mr. Arif Habib.

Our programs are continually being revised to align them with modern industry trends and demands. The DIHE promotes multidisciplinary research that will seed a culture of research and enable us to liaise with foreign universities, research agencies, and corporations. We offer a wide range of programs under the faculties Business Administration, Computer Science/Technology, Law, Science and Social Sciences.

In collaboration with Dadabhoy Foundation, we extend hundreds of merit scholarships and financial aid to our students. The core purpose of this initiative is to nurture and cultivate a desire to pursue dreams. As an institute, we have piloted and are now implementing a capacity building and leadership program. This program is intended at instilling values of trust, service, and integrity. Currently, the DIHE is developing and constructing a state-of-the-art campus at Hawksbay – Karachi. A purpose-built campus will equip our diligent faculty with the tools and infrastructure to improve the quality of education being imparted. This initiative fits in with our vision of being an institute that inspires and imbibes a culture of excellence.

Mr. Abdullah Dadabhoy