A student at the time of registration is required to pay the following fees:
Admission fees
Exemption Fees (if applicable)
Payment of Fee
  • Student may be granted Merit and/or Need based Scholarship upto a maximum of 30% of tuition fee. the percentage is decided by the Means Testing Committee formed by the Rector.
  • All other fees will be paid by the student on registration in the First Semester.
  • All general fees will be paid by the students as and when applicable.
  • Convocation fee, as per existing policy is to be paid before the Comprehensive Examination / or Viva Voice.
Non-Payment of Dues
  • A student will be declared as defaulter, if he/she fails to clear his/her dues by the prescribed date, each semester
  • Defaulters’ list will be posted on the notice board and circulated to the concerned departments
  • A defaulter, if he/she fails to clear his/her dues within 3 days of notification will not be allowed to attend classes or sit in any examination.
  • A default fine will be charged from the defaulter after the expiry of the last day prescribed for the clearance of dues information or is supported by untrue or misleading evidence.
  • A student will be deregistered if he/she fails to clear dues by the end of second week after the notified date for payment of fees.
  • A student once deregistered can register himself/herself again during the same semester or in any subsequent semester on payment of re-registration fee of Rs. 5,000/- and clearing the pending dues.
  • In case of withdrawal from a semester or freezing the semester, within 10 days of start of academic session, the student can claim 75% of his tuition fee. The registration fee however, will not be refunded. If a student fails to claim reimbursement of the tuition fee, the student can have the same amount adjusted against his tuition fee in any subsequent semester.No other adjustment of fee is otherwise allowed.
  • A student receiving scholarship can claim reimbursement of 75% of his share of fee paid to the institute.