Rector’s Message

I feel greatly pleased to welcome you to Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Education (DIHE):

An institution engaged in developing young people both men and women into globally valuable citizens pursuing the knowledge stream of their choice in variety of academic disciplines and their preferred specialties. At Dadabhoy we endeavor to provide equitable access, improve efficiency, and enhance quality and relevance of the education to cater to the national and global development needs. We strive that our graduates are transformed into decent human beings prepared to lead the communities where they dwell.
The prime activity at the Universities is about knowledge, education, research and discovery at various levels and dimensions where the interaction breeds and feeds learning. DIHE ought to be a responding entity, as much about the future as about the past which is continuously reinventing itself.
DIHE can and must foster entrepreneurship, the process is essential not only for translating new knowledge to application but commercializing those new applications as new business ventures.

It is the innovative ability coupled with the technical ability that plays an ever-increasing important role in economic success. An industry depends upon specialized expertise to design innovative products and processes. The ability of DIHE to develop individuals with such innovative abilities depends upon an educational system which provides a high-quality cognitive skill base from which all enterprises can draw.
We believe, Higher Education is a public good and it is the responsibility of the State to provide this vital facility to the youth capable to pursue. At DIHE we are in fact complementing the State system by providing education to the youth which is a vital element of national human resource development at an affordable cost. We will strive to enhance the University funds – the government, the industry, alumni, national and international donors shall be pursued to contribute.
We are also working to transition Dadabhoy Institute to a World Class Dadabhoy University (DU). We will be putting lots of effort and energy in the academic and physical master planning, design, development and implementation of a purpose-built campus at Hawk’s bay. Dadabhoy Foundation has already donated the land for establishing the University. DU ought to be a National University; it is highly desirable to have students from all over Sindh and Pakistan. We will attempt to maximize the teaching faculty to hold doctorate in various disciplines and specializations. The University will function in close association with the stakeholders to better understand and produce manpower which is relevant to cater for the desired specialties and competencies.
Finally, we will continue to remind ourselves to serve the ‘Purpose’ and follow the ‘Mission’ of DIHE and foster the culture of education, research and inquiry and of partnership in a collaborating environment. I would endeavor to live up to the trust of our Board, expectations of our faculty, students, and alumni and our communities for developing DIHE/DU – into a world class learning place.

Prof. Dr. S. Altaf Hussain
President’s Pride of Performance