PhD Program

The program will offer pathways for a career in legal research, academia and for enhancing professionalism related to all stake-holders of the judicial system (Civil & Criminal) in Pakistan i.e. officials from courts, judges, lawyers, police, prosecutors, legal consultants, academicians from legal set up/judicial academies. The Research Scholars/candidates of the PhD. Program will complete one year course work, consisting of two semesters. Research Scholars will take four compulsory courses and two Elective courses. Each course has three credit hours and the thesis consists of six credit hours. The total number of credit hours would be 24.




1st Semester


LL.D 801

Interpretation of Statutes / Evolutionary Changes in the Constitution of Pakistan  


LL.D 804 Advanced Research Methodology 3
One Elective Course 3

2nd Semester

LL.D 803 Qanoon-e-Shahadat  1984 3
LL.D 802 Statistic in Research and Research Paper Writing  


One Elective Course 3
1. LL.D-805 Forensic Minor
2. LL.D-806 Forensic Major
3. LL.D-807 Human Rights
4. LL.D-808 Commercial Laws
5. LL.D-809 Criminal Law
6. LL.D-810 Civil Law
7. LL.D-811 Criminology
8. LL.D-812 Islamic Law
9. LL.D-813 Environmental  Laws
10. LL.D-814 Shipping Laws
11. LL.D-815 Constitutional Laws
12. LL.D-816 Cyber Crimes Laws

Course work of 18 credit hours preferably in the first year, with minimum 3.0 CGPA, is required to be completed and followed by a comprehensive examination with minimum 3.0 CGPA (in maximum two attempts) for granting candidacy as a Ph.D scholar.

PART – III (Submission Of Research Proposal)

After successful completion of 18 credit hours (preferably in one year), Ph.D. Research Scholars will be required to work on their research proposal under the guidance of their Supervisor(s). They will present their research proposal in a seminar attended by their Supervisor(s), relevant professionals in the field and peers for improvement in research proposal before its submission to BASR.

  • The research proposal will be submitted to BASR and after the approval by the BASR; writing of thesis would be started under the supervision of the approvedsupervisor. It is very important for candidates to note that the degree of Ph.D./LL.D. would be awarded to such research scholar of the DIHE who completes his / her course work and submits his/her thesis which in the opinion of the foreign examiners, contains important and original contributions to the advancement of the study of law, gives proof of his/her academic distinction, and entitles him/her to be regarded as an authority in the field/fields of knowledge in which the work is submitted.
  • The minimum duration within which to submit the thesis is two calendar years after the date of approval of the topic, and the maximum is five years. Seven copies of the thesis would be submitted by the candidate.
  • Modification of topic: A candidate may, within two terms of his/her research proposal approval, modify the topic of research with the approval of the supervisor by submitting an application to the Board of Advanced Study and Research (BASR). In such cases the BASR shall determine the minimum duration after which the thesis may be
  • Appointment of Supervisor: The BASR shall appoint a supervisor of research on recommendation of Dean and Director Post-GraduateOnce a student is enrolled for PhD. he/she shall always have a Supervisor till the submission of thesis with the prescribed maximum period. In case of a Supervisor being not available for 6 months or more, alternative arrangements should be.
  • Progress Reports: The supervisor will submit progress reports of D. student regularly for each semester to Director Post-Graduate Studies.
  • Plagiarism test will be conducted on the Thesis before its submission to BASR for evaluation by the foreign and local experts. A maximum of 19% Similarity Index is allowed in report (not more than 5% from each single source).
Submission of Thesis
  1. D. thesis shall be prepared in English language according to APA (6th Edition) format as approved by the University. The thesis of PhD should have abstracts in both English and Urdu language. The students shall be eligible to submit thesis after completing two calendar years from the date of approval of the topic.
  2. An unbound manuscript (semi-final-draft) duly checked and signed by the Research Committee including Supervisor, Dean of the Faculty & Director Post Graduate Studies shall be submitted to the BASR for scrutiny and approval before final
  3. The BASR will permit the student to deliver an open defense seminar on his/her thesis before final typing and submission of the manuscript of the
  4. Open defense of thesis through seminar: The seminar shall be open to the teachers, students and all those who may be interested. The student shall incorporate in his/her thesis, suggestions, if any, made at the seminar and approved by the Supervisor and Research Committee

It must be noted that the Ph.D Law Program will be governed by the rules and regulations under DIHE Act and further through declarations as made in the BASR (Board of Advanced Studies and Research) and in the Academic Council Sessions from time to time.