Vision & Mission

The aim of Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization is to provide
catalytic and strategic support to all Faculties of DIHE through following three domains:
Build technical expertise
Improve Academia-Industry linkage
Draft and implement research policy


ORIC under three domains of research, innovation and commercialization is working to serve as a platform to support all research activities and to oversee all academic matters related to research directions, research management & oversight, consultancy and services to various stakeholders. In addition it is working as follows:

Strategic Plans
To engage staff with research funding opportunities
To facilitate faculty & align DIHE research goals with HEC benchmarks
To coordinate applications for external and internal research grants
To link national developmental goals with research themes at DIHE
Link all the key national incubator centers (NICs) in Pakistan with DIHE
To create Academic-Industrial linkages for solution oriented outputs
Policy & Commercialization
To keep central research policy functional for DIHE staff and students
To coordinate between “Central research and ethics committee board” and Departmental Research Committee (DRC)
To keep the research management functional and standardized protocols are followed
To coordinate with corporate communication to publicize research